#maskonnow only works if you follow these rules:

The most important thing is: Wearing a DIY mask does not replace washing hands, staying at home and keeping distance. Wear your DIY mask only once for a short time. Afterwards wash it at 60 degrees or boiled in hot water. Do not touch your mask while you wear it. What are the other important rules?


Most importantly: stay at home, wash your hands, cough or sneeze into a disposable paper tissue, your upper sleeve or elbow, keep a distance of about 2 meters to other people, do not shake hands. The contagious stuff might still pass through the mask and can infect others from meters away. Please be careful! Source


If you go outside, please remember to wash your hands before and after. Do not touch the mask! This is very important! Otherwise you increase the risk of passing on the coronavirus to another person. If you do touch the mask, please wash your hands immediately.


When you are in the open air, especially when it’s cold, remove the mask before it gets soaked. Wear it in shops or if you come into close contact with other people. Remember to still keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters.


Professional masks are currently urgently needed by medical staff. We should not take them away. Instead, we become creative and make them ourselves! Source


Masks become even more effective when everybody wears them. So please convince as many people as possible of their benefit! In this way, we protect especially those who work for us in open shops, supermarkets and pharmacies.


 Do not wear the mask for more than 3 hours and change it as soon as it becomes damp. It must be washed at 60 degrees or boiled in hot water after each use. Please only use it again after it completely dried.

Here you can find a PDF with all information.